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Wardrobe List (Updated)

July 27, 2019



We do not have a dress code for dance classes. Dancers are free to wear whatever is comfortable for them. Dancers in Hollywood are generally very relaxed, yet fashionable. You will rarely see bun, leotard and tights (except in a ballet class). 

Bring all your dance shoes just in case (sneakers, combat boots, jazz shoes, foot paws, ballet slippers etc.)

Bring bathing suit, towel and sunscreen

Please wear casual business attire for the seminars/lectures (dresses, slacks, dress shirts, ties, blazers, blouses etc). We will have special guest speakers so we want to make a professional impression and take their seminars seriously. Bring notepad, laptop OR tablet to take notes.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Bring your cameras/phones to take photos


S.A.L.T. - Sculpting Aerobic Lengthening Training (ALL Attendees)
Bring a towel, and workout wear. This class is offered to EVERYONE (dancers and non-dancers) 

HEELS (16 & Over)
bring heel boots with ankle support and knee pads

Step it up for the agency showcases and Studio School auditions. Wear what you would wear to a professional audition. Be prepared for ballet, contemporary and hip hop.Be you and stand out (ie. bright colors). Dress in your own style (fashionable but danceable), have your hair done and make-up (girls), but NOT stage make-up. Look your best. 

This is our night out in Hollywood where we will attend a private screening. Dress upscale casual - ie. summer dresses, skirts, slacks, trendy pants, heels etc)


HEADSHOTS (dancers AND non-dancers)
What you wear greatly affects how you are perceived so clothing should support your image. Although there are no hard and fast rules there are a few things that rarely work well in photographs. Avoid solid white. NO BIG LOGOS. Avoid big prints, paisley, polka dots, checks and leave your Hawaiian shirt at home. Generally, the idea is to not compete with your clothes for attention. Wardrobe should compliment your image.CLICK HERE to see past headshots

RED CARPET SHOOT (dancers AND non-dancers)
Everyone will also get their photo taken on the red carpet. You can wear the same outfit as your headshot OR change into something more dressy.

ACTION DANCE SHOTS ( full program dancers only)
You can wear the same outfit as your headshots OR change into an outfit that you can dance in (your own style). If you are a street dancer, wear street clothes. Dress like you would to an audition in your style of dance. What you wear from the Agency Showcase will probably work. NO SOLID WHITE. NO BIG LOGOS

DEMO REEL VIDEO SHOOT  (full program dancers only)
Look your best! You may bring a change of style-related clothing for each number, as well as some extra clothing. You will shoot in 2 outfits/costumes. NO LOGOS.
CLICK HERE to watch past demo reel videos. 

STRICT DRESS CODE IN EFFECT! Please read and enforce ALL of the following dress code rules with your group. THE GROUP MAY NOT BE ADMITTED IF DRESS CODE IS NOT ADHERED TO. WARDROBE NOTES- Hip, upscale attire is MANDATORY. Dress to impress! - You will be ON CAMERA so it is very important that you dress nicely! - Bright, colorful, spring colors are requested. - ABSOLUTELY no apparel with logos of any kind on the front or back are allowed in the studio audience. - ABSOLUTELY no t-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, white tops, shorts, or flip flops or high heels. - No bags, backpacks, or purses allowed in the studio. You must have everything in your pockets. - No Cell phones or cameras will be allowed inside the studio. - Also for safety reasons, ABSOLUTELY NO OPEN-TOED SHOES, NO HIGH HEELS, NO PLATFORMS, AND NO SANDALS OR FLIP FLOPS OF ANY KIND WILL BE ALLOWED INSIDE THE STUDIO. YOU WILL BE TURNED AWAY IF YOU WEAR THEM. PLEASE WEAR CLOSE-TOED FLATS. We suggest you wear tennis shoes as you may be standing for long periods of time.

Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult and all adults must have valid ID's. ANYONE WHOM APPEARS UNDER THE AGE OF 14 WILL NOT BE ALLOWED INSIDE

Dancers AND Non-Dancers will have an opportunity to be in the music video. Dancers will be doing choreography. Non-Dancers are welcome to participate as background talent. 

Wardrobe for ALL
"Jurassic World" Safari Look - ie. khaki colored shorts, flannel shirts, solid neutral color t-shirts, vests, light jackets, sneakers, hiking boots, NO logos, Hats OK for non-dancers

- Credit Card required upon check into hotel
- Travelers Insurance

- Passport (International Travelers)
- Tourist Visas (Overseas Travelers)


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